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Sacred Night Return and Exchange

I realized it may take very long to solve all the problems at the current rate; so here is a suggestion that may speed up the process.

Please let me know, by commenting here, if you wouldn't mind sending, receiving, or exchanging your orders directly with another customer.

Please note that you are agreeing to below conditions:

1. You can only use trackable shipping method. Extra shipping cost incurred will be reimbursed by me (copy or scan of the recipt has to be provided); please make sure to keep all your receipt.

2. All your correspondances have to go through me. tikim3 and I will NOT be responsible for the transaction happened among customers without my knowledge. If you would like to sell or trade your dress or skirt, please take it to the EGL sales comm instead.

3. Your clothes should be in the same condition as received. It's alright if you have just tried it on, but we can't refund or exchange if you have worn it.

Following people have agreed (updated Apr 3):
shobon 1/1
zlato_lolita 3/3
juno0pop ?/?
briarbone 1/1
lishiebear 1/1
princessleia1 1/1
dohreimee 0/1

To be shipped:
1. Aster Cafe SK
zlato_lolita -> lishiebear
Shipped - Y
Received - Y
Shipping cost - $22.80 AUD
Shipping reimbursed - Y

2. Sacred Night JSK: ivory, L
briarbone -> zlato_lolita
Shipped - Y
Received - Y
Shipping cost - $21.08 USD
Shipping reimbursed - Y

3. Sacred Night JSK: wine, L
shobon -> briarbone
Shipped - Y
Received - ?
Shipping cost - $13.77 USD
Shipping reimbursed - Y
Refunded - Y
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